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Does methane processing have CO2 emissions?

The traditional method of methane to hydrogen conversion is typically a process called steam methane reformation (SMR – CH4 + 2H2O ÞCO2 + 4H2). This requires a lot of energy and produces substantial CO2 emissions. 

Our technology converts Natural Gas or Methane into H2 and carbon using a CO2 zero emission process. The CHT reactor does this by splitting CH4 into C and 2H2.

Why are there no CO2 emissions in your process?

Our process is inert which means there is no oxygen for any CO2 emissions in the core process.

Is producing H2 from water environmentally friendly?

Yes, but it requires a lot of energy, water and is costly.

Also, the materials required to manufacture an electrolysis plant can be highly toxic and the plants are very expensive.

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