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We produce hydrogen and carbon black products, using less energy, at less cost and with less impact to your business

We don’t burn natural gas, we process it and produce what’s called Turquoise hydrogen. Why Turquoise? Instead of their being CO2e we produce solid by-products to meet customer specifications, which include carbon black (tyres, rubber, pigment, fertiliser, water filtration) and carbon nano-objects (graphite for batteries, graphene & CNT - medicine, transport, defence, other).  So we have 2 products, turquoise hydrogen and carbon black products.

Importantly we use the same infrastructure as natural gas to supply our clean turquoise hydrogen to utilities, manufacturing, transport and your homes. 

Our Solution: Services
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Other important capabilities 

  1. The reason we use less energy and require less cost to produce clean hydrogen is because of our own unique patented catalyst. 

  2. Our people, are phd material scientists and engineers. They have developed our capabilities over years by processing complex industrial emissions. 

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